Moving, Parties and Whatnot

OK so it’s been well over a week since the last blog post (already slacking, sorry)… in any case here’s an update:

There was a small going away party at Mom’s the weekend before we left. Thanks to everyone who came, it was a fun night for us. Also, thanks to Mom and Danny for allowing us to hijack their home the night before they left on vacation. I hope it wasn’t too stressful. While gifts were not expected, we received a few lovely bottles of alcohol (always a good idea with us) and I got a handy dandy Swiss Army knife! Though, I hate to disappoint, I’ll probably only use the cork screw and bottle opener. Sorry, no pictures, I was in hostess mode, so cameras were not on my mind. I blame Mike for the lack of photographic evidence.

We also had a lovely dinner with Mike’s Mom, Sue and Stepdad, Steve, the night before leaving at Lilianna’s. The food never disappoints there, but avoid the cappuccinos… seems no one knows how to operate their machine.  

We had many offers for dinner, but there were only so many days between moving out of our house and leaving, that we couldn’t fit everyone in. If we missed you before we left, we hope to see you all in a year(ish) when we return to NY for my car and the few boxes we left behind. Or… if you’re planning a trip to Central America in the next year, check in with us, and maybe we can meet up!

(Helpful tip to starving friends: Mention you are moving and everyone will want to take you out to dinner… though if you never move, they may catch on.)

We left NY on November 1st and spent a weekend in Denver, NC with my dad. There was a small soiree held in our honor, complete with mariachi band and a dance troupe. Best of all, Amy Loo came down for a visit! Again, aside from the few pictures below, I have none. I blame alcohol for that one.


The people of Verdict Ridge were very friendly and all offered some warning/advice/encouragement on our journey. Dad, in true dad style, had to bbq SOMETHING, so he chose this


This picture of fatty deliciousness is a 17 lb. brisket. It just barely lasted the night. After a relaxing Sunday that involved laying on the couch until 11 am, Cookout shakes for lunch, and me begging for some vegetables, we hit the sack to prepare for another early day on the road.

The remaining drive to Florida was uneventful and we arrived early Monday afternoon to a surprisingly clean home. We were expecting a bit more insect/lizard activity in the 2 months we were gone, but thankfully a little sweeping cleaned up any mess.

For the last few days we’ve just been working on the house, at our own pace. It’s very nice to not have a set schedule, and just roll with the obstacles and speed bumps you’re dealt.


We also got to stop work for the day, and spend some time with Mike’s Aunt and cousins from West Palm. His Dad was also in town visiting, so it worked out rather nicely.


Hopefully we will be on the road by the end of next week and will give more updates. Until then, remember, “It is better to travel well, than to arrive.” That Buddha really knew his stuff.

PS: This is our first post using our Huawei hotspot. So happy it works! We will be using this on the road when free WIFI is unavailable . Only 2G service in the US so using multiple devices at once doesn’t work so well.


3 thoughts on “Moving, Parties and Whatnot”

    1. We are heading to Houston to get the dogs and vehicle paperwork in order… Then to Ajo, Az before crossing into Mexico. After that we have a few stops planned (norther Mexico is a little sketchy) and then we follow the fun!

  1. Aw I miss you guys already 😦 That was a great band and dancing group that came out, I’m thinking of having them for my birthday #math

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