Christmas with the Overlanders

Nearing Christmas Day, we started feeling bored, and had absolutely no idea what we were going to do for the holiday. It certainly didn’t feel like Christmas. We had no tree, no decorations, no presents, and no people around to celebrate with.

In Mexico, the tradition is to celebrate on Christmas Eve, or “Noche Buena”. Everyone gets together for a late dinner, goes to midnight mass, and then opens presents and parties until the sun comes up. Christmas Day is spent recovering from the previous nights festivities. It’s kind of a boring party with just two people so we started asking around about local festivities, etc. but found its really a family affair and we were on our own.


Noche Buena – Beer specifically brewed for Christmas.

Luck would have it, that some travelers we had been following on Instagram happened to be spending the holiday in downtown Puerto Vallarta. We met up with Richard and Ashley of DeskToGlory on the 23rd, strolled around, got some fabulous pork tacos, that were more bacon than anything (holy yum!), and before we knew it, it was late and we needed to get back to the dogs.


Photo Courtesy of Richard from @desktoglory Their “rig” is the maroon Toyota in the Background

They messaged a few other people they met in Baja who were staying in an RV park in Puerto Vallarta, to see about Christmas Eve dinner, and we ended up having a little pot-luck party. Sam and Erica ( their blog is called Song of the Road), and Allan and Julea joined us at Richard and Ashley’s rental. It was a nice break to hang out with like-minded people, who heard all the same “are you crazy?” and “why do you want to go there?” comments we did. We got some helpful tips for when/if we decide to go to Baja on our way back, and traded contact/blog information. We ate, drank, talked and played Julea’s version of “light as a feather, stiff as a board”. There were prom photos and wacky jumping pictures taken by Richard. All in all, a good night.  Unfortunately, we had to get back to the dogs, again, so we left shortly before midnight. On the way back there were firecrackers going off all over, and music playing loudly.


Just a bunch of drunkards. OK not really but we pretend. Another photo courtesy of Richard from @desktoglory


We joined the crowds recovering on the beach on Christmas day, then headed to the bar for a little hair of the dog that evening. We needed the WiFi to plan the next leg of the trip. It was here, on Christmas day, that we made plans that ended up changing the our minds about leaving the area early, and changed the direction of our travels all together… 


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