New Year, New Places…


Top of the Lady of Guadeloupe Church and some Fireworks for New Year’s in Puerto Vallarta (Image from http://www.pvbeat,com)

So this New Years was the first in a few that we didn’t spend in NYC with friends. We were lonesome again, and had no one (except each other) to spend the holiday with. Add to that, our budget constraints after buying surfboards, and the fact that it had rained for the last week, and was going to rain again, we were low on options for things to do.

In Bucerias everything, except for a few restaurants (having parties) closes down for the holiday. We were hoping to get drunk on the beach and watch fireworks, but the rain kind of ruined that (also, that’s why we have no pictures). 

So I whined and complained enough that we went out for a little walk around 10PM around town and to the beach, toting our beers in a backpack (SO classy). Mike narrowly avoided an arrest for public nudity peeing on the beach when we found a bathroom just as some officers on a quad drove past (phew!). On the way back to the house we walked past the Royal Decameron (the all inclusive resort right next to our street) and they were having an outdoor concert/party for the holiday. Suddenly, the skies opened up again, and half of the party booked it back to their rooms. The other half made their way to the dance floor to celebrate in the rain. 


It wasn’t quite like this, more like a bunch of drunk Canadians/Americans on a slippery dance floor doing the conga, but you get the point.

After a half dozen beers (or so…) one gets a bit brave, and, after some peer pressure from Mike, we donned some long sleeves (to keep warm in the rain/hide the lack of resort bracelets) and snuck into the party from the beach. We conga’d and salsa’d (sorta) and got some free champagne for our midnight toast (I wore most of mine due to a poorly timed dance move by Mike).  We were such rebels, we even got free drinks from the party bar (holy cow do they make their drinks strong!).

After a fun night of dancing and drinking we hit the hay and spent New Year’s Day hiding from the rain once more. Thank goodness that was the last day of rain, and we could surf again the next day.

Surfing the next day sucked. The waves at Lanchas were all breaking too close to the rocks (the big ones that break you and/or break your board if you hit them) and Sayulita was breaking too shallow (we were dragging our fins in the sand). We spent a few more days trying but decided it was time to pack up and move on anyway (and our month was up the 6th anyway). Instead of surfing we took a long stroll around Bucerias for some photos and some to get hassled one more time by the vendors in the market.






Also, we couldn’t leave without bringing the dogs to the beach one more time…. Its their FAVORITE!


Making new friends with local dogs.



We were lucky on our last day in town to run in to some friends from NY and the brought the most awesome gift ever! A double pack of giant peanut butter jars! (Thank you Kate & Tom! Also thanks to you guys and Brian and Danielle for coming out that day and for taking care of our broke asses).


like manna from heaven.

In Mexico (and all of Central America) peanut butter is scarce and expensive. Small (we are talking jars so small you’ve never seen them in a grocery store) of Jif go for 40-50 pesos (that’s like $4+). So these giant babies are going to last us a while. Peanut butter is amazing emergency food. Its good alone or on just about anything (fruit, bread, tortillas, oats, a spoon, etc.). We probably rely on it too much (I just ate a ritz/peanut butter/cheese – not together – sandwiches for dinner).

Anyway, enough about peanut butter – the point is, after some crappy surf, some awesome peanut butter, and a long day of packing/re-supplying, we hit the road again! Its been 6 days and we have made it to Playa Azul (about 630 km according to google maps, so not that far). There will be another post about that trip, but it has been nice to be back in the swing of things, moving around and seeing the country that we came here to see. It still hasn’t hit me we are going all the way to Panama… maybe when we get there it will.



Some more sights from PV


Home. Back where it belongs. ON A BEACH!


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