Bad Boys: Part 2


By the time we got to Acapulco we needed to do two things (both of which probably could have been done in PV but we thought we had more time). 1) Barley needs a haircut. 95 degrees wearing a big ass fur coat (that carries sand and everything else in it) isn’t comfortable for him or us. 2) The Jeep is due for an oil change. In Acapulco there is a Jeep dealership so that’s why we stopped there. FYI if you aren’t worried about warranties you can get your oil changed just about anywhere there is a mechanic (aka, every single town – even the ones not on a map).

According to the map I saw on the Jeep website, I thought we were very close to the city and the dealership. I sent him some screen shots to help him find his way. Mike unloaded the racks and headed into the city all by his lonesome to find it. Apparently, without my expert guidance, he can’t navigate, and got lost. It took him over an hour and a half to find the dealership. Granted we were further than I thought, but I probably would have found it ;).

Mike left the dealership and came across a fender bender. He asked the police officer present if he should drive around, and the officer said yes, and also – pull over in front of my vehicle. Huh? OK. Mike pulled over and the officer told him the plate wasn’t on the front of the vehicle (it was in the window because the racks block the bumper) and that it was an infraction. Mike asked if he could put the plate on the front now, and correct it, also mentioning we have driven over 2500 miles in Mexico without issue (with the plate) but the officer wouldn’t budge. The infraction was to cost 2000 Mexican pesos. He accepted a color copy of the registration, but did not accept the “extra” expired license. The extra license is good to have in case they do accept it, you can still just drive away since you don’t have to go back for it. This time, Mike had to hand over the real one.

The officer said he would have to go to the station to pay and collect his license. He also instructed Mike to move the license plate to the front. Mike explained it was in the car (and also why the back plate has the screw heads drilled out) because people (usually children, and sometimes police) are known (at least from the information we read) to steal foreign license plates. There was a second officer, with better English who translated some of this, and apparently they thought it was pretty funny. While attaching the plate to the front, Mike decided to press the officer a little and accused him of trying to get a bribe out of him. The officer denied the accusation, but returned to his partner and retrieved the paperwork to give back to Mike. He said he wasn’t trying to get a bribe, but he didn’t want to waste Mike’s time going to the station, so he was free to go. If Mike wanted to “tip” the friendly officer, that was his “responsibility”. Mike thought about tipping the officer, while being pissed off and tossing items about in the Jeep, he decided against it. Instead he drove away, half expecting the cops to chase him down, but they didn’t. Sometimes its better to call the crooked cops out on their b.s. rather than giving in to a bribe. We are going to be drilling holes in to the front rack to prevent this issue from coming up again (I’m pretty sure I suggested this before we left…..)

Team YouMeandtheDogs: 2

Cops: 0

After that incident we decided to get outa dodge as quickly as possible and Barley never got his haircut. Sitting here in sub 50 degree temps at night (not including the wind chill) and I think he’s happy for his extra coat (Currently in Oaxaca).

PS: If it bothers you to hear about this in the third person, then please comment and annoy Mike about posting a blog post.


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