Our Family


UPDATE: We left, we came back, we lived in Florida for a while, and now we’re living in the upper-left USA (aka Washington State). We have plans to move (date TBD) to our property in central Washington, where we will live like crazy mountain people, grow our own food, raise our own animals, and hopefully make enough dough working for ourselves to live comfortably-ish. I’m still an accountant, no longer in any bands (still love singing in the shower/ car though), and got a new set of 2 wheels to cruise around on. I no longer have glasses (YAY LASIK!) and am learning all sorts of stuff about building, living off grid, making my own everything, and basically attempting to revert back 100 years, but with the added bonus of the internet and modern medicine.

2013: About me…. hmmm this one is tough. I guess I’ll just use things other people have told me about myself. I’ve been described as unexpected, a free spirit, and also “the girl with brown hair and glasses”. I guess if your accountant was also in a rock band, rode motorcycles, and had tattoos that would be unexpected, so I can see why some people think that. I’m a planner but also a free spirit – I’m a bit of a contradiction at times (or all the time if you ask my husband). The brown hair and glasses thing is pretty obvious. I enjoy hiking and most other outdoor activities, travel (duh), food (double duh), and a plethora of other things I won’t bore you with. I’m the “navigator” and, with the (occasional) help of Mike, also the cook, laundress and accommodation procurer/camp-spot locator.


UPDATE: Well, Mike never wrote anything about himself… surprise, surprise. I guess it’s up to me, so I get to say what I want (insert evil smile here). Mike is the handy-man of the bunch. Sometimes it amazes me, seriously, what he can learn from youtube, and then actually do, without killing himself or irreparably damaging something. Yesterday he changed his alternator. In the dark. Outside. – just an example. We built a tiny house together (still not done completely but it’s livable), along with some outbuildings, and have plans to build a lot more. Oh and he’s the good looking one of the bunch – if you’re into that whole handsome, bearded, lumberjacky-type (you know you are, don’t deny it).

2013:When I get off my duff and write something you will get to read about it here.


UPDATE: Peanut is now 12 (!) and she loves naps. Basically she has adapted to couch live and leaves a few times a day to eat and potty. She’s still our adorable little girl, she’s just lazy now.

2013: 8 year old Pug/Jack Russel Terrier mix. I love long walks, long walks on the beach, long walks in the woods, naps, naps in the sun, food, treats, people food, apples, food, chasing Barley, snuggling with Mommy and Daddy…. OK I’m a dog. You get it.


UPDATE: Barley is now 10, and after surviving tick fever, he is now Diabetic. After a few years of maintenance on insulin, he went blind in 2016. He’s still a momma’s boy, and very active. He might bump into things here and there, but he’s still the happiest pup on earth!

2013: 6 year old Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix. I love swimming, chasing birds, chasing squirrels, exploring, following my Mommy around, following Peanut around, and sleeping. Lots and lots of sleeping.


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  1. jordan says:

    This is awesome, my wife and I are planning a trip with our dogs also. where do you buy dog food on the road? has it been hard with the dogs?


    1. Mike says:

      Traveling with the dogs is hard sometimes. Having a place to keep them cool is a real issue since we are camping. An RV would work better for that. Also, finding lodging when we don’t want to camp is hard since a lot of hotels don’t allow dogs. Our bigger dog also got sick (tick fever) on the trip and finding a good vet and proper medicine was an issue in Belize. I’m not saying don’t do it, the issues we ran into would have been solved fairly easily if we had a trailer and could plug in and get AC.


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