Resources and Information

I plan to update this page as frequently as I find new pages for information

Drive The Americas

We have a roadtripper profile on here, so it makes us feel kinda famous, but the best part about this website is it is updated frequently with more and more information by current/past/future travelers to the region.

On The Road In Mexico

A good resource for RV parks and travel information. The information is sometimes outdated, but otherwise it’s a good resource.

Life Remotely

O. M. friggin G. This is the best. The best best best resouce. It’s so organized, so detailed, so current (only like 18 months old). Also, there’s an ebook Don’t Go There, It’s Not Safe, You’ll Die available. BRIMMING with useful information.  The book was free when I got it on Kindle, but now it’s listed at $5.85 – still worth it if you ask me.

Cascadia Vehicle Tents

Our home away from home. It’s like an instant tree house (but on your car). I think I want one for my Fiat when we get back home… Think we can do that Bobby?

Other Blogs:

Neli’s Big Adventure

I seriously don’t know what we would do without Victoria, Jason and Neli paving the way for us. Victoria’s posts are very detailed, and this is especially important when traveling with pets.

Desk To Glory

The first “Pan-American” Travelers we met on the trip were Richard and Ashley. They happened to be in Puerto Vallarta while we were staying in Bucerias and invited us to share in some holiday cheer.

Song of the Road

We got to meet Sam and Erica back in Puerto Vallarta for Christmas. When we do our return trip we are going to be using some of their information for places we missed that we want to visit.

Other Info:

Craigslist is still useful in Mexico and Central America – especially for lodging, or if you want to sell something. There are some postings in English, but if you can read basic Spanish you can still find something if you need it.


4 thoughts on “Resources and Information”

  1. Hi there, amazing photos!

    My husband and I are taking a year off next year and really want to drive in a truck/camper set up from Seattle to South America.

    My only hesitation is the safety of getting through Central America and sleeping in our vehicle at night.

    Any advice?

    1. Hey thanks! That’s great and honestly you have nothing to worry about. Lots of overlanders have done it and are doing it now. I was more nervous sleeping in our tent in the U.S. Then in C.A. Enjoy the trip and be sure to start a blog so we can follow along. Sorry I don’t have any sound advice for you

    2. Hi Kate! I won’t lie and say we weren’t ever worried… but that wore off quickly after the first few days. The fear is just a result of what we are told here in the states, and once you get there you realize the countries are full of the nicest people you’ve ever met. We slept mostly in our tent all over Mexico and Belize. The few times we ended up at a Pemex (a Mexican right of passage for most travelers) we slept in the jeep because it was easier and less obvious to passersby,bur never feared for our safety. I can’t think of a single occasion I was actually afraid (except maybe that one night in a Louisiana walmart…). Check out for more information. Sam and Erica made it all the way to Argentina, Jason and Victoria went as far as Panama and back, and Richard and Ashley are on their second leg in South America now. Also check out the I overlander app. It’s full of campsites and parking spots used by overlanders… I wish we had it available when we started! GOOD LUCK!

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One couple and their dogs on a driving adventure to the Panama Canal

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